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 Rules for loting on AF's or 100's currencys

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PostSubject: Rules for loting on AF's or 100's currencys   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:56 pm

Bidding lot systhem

Before entering Dynamis Put 2 AF's or 100's items in your /seacom

If you write 100's in your /seacom you can lot on every second 100's for point's
and Synthese Materials are free lot if you have 100's in /seacom!!
For example: 1. 100's is for Ls-Bank! 2. 100's is for Point Based lot! 3. 100's is for Ls-Bank!
4. 100's is for Point Based lot ......
Even if 2. 100's drops in one run the second is point based lot if only one drop's is the first for Ls-Bank
and if on the next run one 100's drop's its for Point based lot!!

it's only allowed to put AF in /seacom from the jobs you have lvld on 70+
You can obtain 2 AF's/run if you have enouth Point's.

In that moment the AF drops which you set in your /seacom you must bid, the one with the highest bid can lot on it,
if 2 or more bid the same amount of points, they all can lot on it. Only the receiver of the item will lose the bidden points.

You can only bid a min of 10 points and only in 5er steps (10>>15>>20...).
For pass the bid, you have to tell ELLENY with the amount of points that you want to bid and the AF.

For example:
/tell Elleny 15 points for NIN

She will show the highest bidder's Name and Points he bidded in the LS chat.

For example:
/linkshell Shakaa is the highest bidder with 15 points on NIN.
/linkshell Shakaa & Radamantis are the highest bidder's with 15 points on NIN.
(In case of more bider's with same amount of bidden points.)

If no one can or want bid more Elleny tell the name(s) from the poeple who win the AF.

For example

/linkshell Shakaa win the NIN auction.

That/those Name(s) have the permission to lot on the dropped AF.

Free Lot

If any AF get dropped which nobody have in /seacom it's not immediatly free lot!
Before it's free lot all poeple who want it can spend 5 points for loting on it, in that case
you can still lot on your AF which is set in /seacom.

If no one want spend 5 points on it it's free lot for every member for 0 points and can still lot on
the AF which is set in /seacom.
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Rules for loting on AF's or 100's currencys
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