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 In Dynamis Rules

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PostSubject: In Dynamis Rules   Sat Apr 18, 2009 1:55 pm


Start times

First off runs will be held Wednesday and Sunday Gather together 6:00pm GMT and enter at 7:00pm GMT. Please ensure a prompt arrival remember your time is precious and so is ours so please dont waste it.

During an Event firstly a few guidelines for members:

I ask that you listen to instructions given by officers, if you disagree with an officers decision please take it up in /t and if feel the issue cannot be resolved please /t me.

Drama of any kind on /l or /p chat as well as abuse to members in /t will not be tollerated. I also ask you keep personal conversations in /l or /p to a minimum.

And get sure that you don't lot on currency's!

If you AFK please inform an officer Before you do so and inform them when you are back, points will not be awarded for time spent AFK and will rounded up.

There will be a designated Tank for the run which will be announced prior to entering, please use the /assist macro during runs, and take auto target/attack off this can be done in the menu settings. Do not attack any slept mob unless the tank has engaged it.

There will also be a designated fisherman for each run, so please no /random pulling any such action will be viewed as an intentional attempt to MPK the shell and can result in your pearl being broken.


In Regards to Raising and EXP loss!

You must realize that it is COMMON for EVERYONE in a Dynamis area to die during a run at least once. If you expect anything more then a raise I, it is suggested that you bring Re-Raise items. If you choose not to, DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT GETTING A RAISE I. Mages do not have time or MP to Raise III everyone. If you de-lvl you can ask your PT's WHM nicely for a Raise II or III. However, if you DEMAND a Raise III, or refuse Raise I if it is given to you, people will probably be more likely to give you an R1 even if they could R3 you.. So don't be rude.

What you should be doing!


/assist your tank. Stay with your alliance, let the tanks pull. Try to organize SCs with your party and use food, cheep food, any food helps. DO NOT RUN UP AND CROWD THE BLMS! DO NOT MELEE STATUES, or AVATARS!


If you are the main tank for your alliance or party, it is your job to provoke mobs off the main puller as they run by. Be sure to announce in your macro with both /l and /p what mob your taking so the other tanks can grab other mobs. If your not the main tank, still help to keep any mobs provoked off the BLMs and sleepers.

Black Mages:

Nuke the statues that the main puller brings. Do not be afraid to be the first to nuke. Drain and Aspir are extremely useful. Help kill PLD and THF mobs when 2hr. Help kill pets after the BSTs are dead. Keep Avatars slept at all costs! DO NOT USE DOT EVER UNLESS TOLD SPECIFICALLY! Sleepga will probably get you killed.

Red Mages:

SLEEP AVATARS! Do not take your target off the avatar until it is dead. Spam silence on BST pets and keep them slept until the BST dies. Sleep any extra mobs left on the puller after the tanks each have a mob. DO NOT USE DOT EVER UNLESS TOLD SPECIFICALLY! Sleepga will probably get you killed.

White Mages:

If only a few people are killed Raise III or II is appreciated. In the event of a wipe, Raise III for those who de-level if you can, otherwise use whatever raise is available.

Monster information:

All monsters in Dynamis see through sneak and invisible. All monsters have jobs, and all use their 2 hour abilities if given the chance. The initial monsters are slow-moving statues. When aggro'd, these spawn 2-4 beastmen (and sometimes other statues). The statues have 1000hp, and are highly resistant to melee attacks and moderately resistant to magic. MELEE SHOULD NOT TOUCH THESE, as it just gives them TP, and their TP attacks are deadly (group stun, silence, etc). When a statue with blue eyes is defeated, HP of all players within range is restored. When a statue with green eyes is defeated, MP of all players within range is restored. It is possible to steal currency from beastmen in Dynamis, but it is low success rate.

It is crucial that the mobs are killed in a certain order, because some jobs are more dangerous than the rest. These are the jobs which are of top priority and have to be defeated first:

Summoner - Always kill SMNs first! Avatars have to be kept asleep at all times. Astral Flow is disastrous, very very disastrous.
Beastmaster - Always be sure to kill the BST before its pets, otherwise the BST will just summon a new pet or charm the tank. Most BST's pets are VERY anoying. Sleep them until the BST is dead, spam silence on pets and kill them ASAP once their master dies.
Black mage - Silence them. Not as high priority as SMN and BST, but -agas can be painful, so it's best to take the BLMs out of the picture early.

The jobs below can be killed in any order:

Ranger - Dangerous because Eagle Eye Shot can deal severe damage to most people. In more serious cases, you just get one shot-ed.
Paladin - Invincible is countered by nukes from the mages. Anounce to the mages when you see this, and find a different mob to melee.
Thief - Melee attacks are futile when Perfect Dodge is on. Let people know and they can be killed with nukes and ranged attacks.
Dark Knight – Have NINs tank. Bloodweapon is useless on shadows.
Dragoon, Warrior, Bard, Red Mage, Samurai - No Comments.

And lastly these jobs should be slept until all others are killed:

Ninja - Massive kills from Mijin Gakure. Do not fight multiple NINs near each other or close to mages or weakened. Use TP around 50% and hopefully it will die before it has a chance to blow up.
White mage - Heals are really irritating. Benediction will cure other mobs to full, and wake sleeping mobs. Do not fight WHMs near other mobs!
Monk - PLD tank is best here. Stun when they Hundred Fists. All who can Stun, please use Stun @ 40%!!

Preperation for Dynamis

If it is your first time doing a certain dynamis you must click the Trail Markings to get a cut scene before it will allow you to trade your hourglass. Before entering ANY Dynamis area it's a good idea to know the battle plan and know what you will need to bring. See the zone specific guides for useful items and strategies.

Turn off all your graphics that you can spare. You will be bundled in with 40+ other players and surrounded by mobs often, and the graphics lag can get enormous. This leads to delayed movements & casting, which leads to death... So make sure you turn down your graphics as much as possible (no shadows, no footsteps, low clipping plane, etc).

Please put vokes/sleeps/raises in /linkshell, and pay attention so tanks arn't trying to steal each other's mobs, and MP is not wasted on already slept mobs or raised people. Aside from this, make sure your macros use minimal party or linkshell chat lines so important messages are not missed. Also, do not flood the chat with spam and turn on as many chat filters as you can. You REALLY don't want battle spam.

Turn off autotarget (/autotarget off). This is to avoid accidentaly waking sleeping mobs, or meleeing mobs that should not be touched(i.e. statues, slimes, ect.). Also, do not wake sleeping mobs until after you have seen it voked. MPKing the sleepers is bad and makes them angry.
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In Dynamis Rules
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